Friday, September 24, 2010

The Whisper in the Wind

1st kings 19

                We all go through times of loss and pain, times of loneliness and heart ache. Maybe you feel abandoned or depressed. You feel like the whole world is rallying against you or the walls around you are crashing down. In times like these it seems even hard to breathe. Maybe you’re crying out to God and even he to seem like he is not paying attention, and the only voice you hear is your own echo.
                There is a story of a great man in this chapter. This great man was Elijah; he was a prophet of God. In his lifetime he saw his brothers, sisters, and countrymen turn away from God and follow all these other false names. He saw them give themselves to sexual sin and their evil desires. He saw them cutting themselves and chanting in order to communicate with their new gods. Imagine the loneliness he felt His mission was to let the people know that God was real in a time when people turned away. See, he did so many miraculous signs that proved God was the real and true God, but he felt like no one listened. The people in power constantly wanted him dead and he lost hope. He ran away to the middle of the dessert to literally crawl in a whole and die. This great man, who did extreme works of God, was now begging for his life to be taken away. He lost hope.
                Even though he lost hope, God did not. God told this man to go to the mountain top in order to see him pass by. Elijah did and this is what happened. “All at once, a strong wind shook the mountain and shattered the rocks, but the LORD was not in the wind. Next there was an earthquake but the LORD was not there either. Then there was a fire, but the LORD was nor in there. Finally there was a gentle breeze, and when Elijah heard it, he covered his face with his coat.” (1st kings 19:11-13)
                Many times when we are alone or hurting, we want God to show up in this miraculous way. We want him to do something wonderful and so spectacular that it would blow our minds. Elijah saw all these powerful forces but God was not in them. Then there was just a small and gentle breeze and that was where he was. Sometimes in our life and in our trials we need to sit and listen. We need to calm down and just breathe and focus on God. If you are seeking him out, he is always around you; you just need to look and listen.
                This story ends with God telling Elijah that he is not the only one left. There are many other people who have not turned away from their true God. That was what Elijah needed to hear. My encouragement for you today, especially if you are hurting, is to just stop and listen. God does reveal himself in mighty ways; however, at least in my life, he mostly comes in those cool and refreshing breezes.