Saturday, September 25, 2010

Underestimated Power

Luke 4:31-44
            We have all seen horror movies with monsters and demons. If not, you have heard stories of these terrible creatures and dark powers. In some stories, they kill dozens and in others, they deform others. Some of us have cringed at these images and others have not been able to sleep at night because of dreadful nightmares.
            We have glimpsed perceptions of evil either with our imagination or with other tools such as movies and TV. It is interesting the response that rises in our bones, the fear that we have all experienced. There is also something far more intriguing; did not Jesus cast out this type of evil? There are numerous stories about Jesus casting out demons that oppressed people, and some of them are found in this very section in Luke. The peculiar thing about Jesus and demons is that there is no fear that gets aroused within us. We usually don’t get scared. The reason is that next to Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Son of God, nothing can even compare to that power. This Jesus casted out demons as if he was crushing ants; Jesus is so powerful.
            Let me say that again; JESUS IS SO POWEFUL! In this same section Jesus goes on a healing spree. He begins to heal all these people that come up to him. We have all been in a hospital and seen so many sick and dying. In Jesus’ day, there were no hospitals, so imagine a person walking into a hospital and when he walks out, every patient is following him. He is so powerful.
            Let me say that again; JESUS IS SO POWEFUL! So you need to stop getting over burdened. Your problem in life is nothing compared to Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Son of God. I don’t care if you have family issues, illness, dying, oppressed, poor, etc. JESUS IS SO POWERFUL! Really, try to take in that concept. We all know the stories of Jesus. This person conquered death; that is something none of us can do. We all have issues. My challenge to you is to realize the power of Jesus and rely on him. He can get you through anything; he will carry you if he has to. Life is tough, but CHRIST is tougher. Problems are confusing to solve, but CHRIST has the answers. Have faith and rely on him. STOP UNDERESTIMATING HIS POWER, and please stop underestimating his love for you. He loves you so much and hates to see you hurting, angry, depressed, and (fill in the blank). Come on, you’re not alone