Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Great Lie?

Luke 1
            In Luke chapter 1 a wonderful story is told. It is about the miraculous pregnancy of both John the Baptist and Jesus of Nazareth. The narrator goes into all the signs and revelations that are revealed to both husbands and wives. When reading this chapter one can’t help but feel like they are departing on an adventure that is close to a fairy tale. Is it a fantasy story? Are all these stories found in this book just a bunch of fables that entail fictional characters that are engrossed with magic and power? Looking at it from a Christian perspective, this idea brings the hairs on the back of the neck to a standing posture. Some might get defensive and others might get violent.
            So is it all just one big lie? I was thinking about this question while I was reading this really cool chapter in Luke. This chapter is the start of the most influential character in history. This man Jesus is responsible for a change in the world as a whole. This is the person that brought most impact in society and continues to bring impact every day either by combating poverty or even war. That fact right there brings heavy weight to one side of the argument. If this whole bible is just a story, why is it in circulation still? Why has it made such an impact on countries and societies of all different cultures and practices?
            These are all huge questions that probably have volumes of books written for each individual topic. I just want to pose them for you to think about. Look at the depth of the characters; there is so much about the individual and so many different stories about everyone. You might say “Well, I know many novels that are written by authors that seem to have such a depth.” But on the contrary, if Luke was not even around during the time of Mary’s pregnancy how would he know. If he just made it up, why would the other books of the bible agree with it? The bible is written not by one author but many. I’m not talking about 3 or 4; on the contrary, I am talking about well over 25. They all seem to connect to each other in some way. They were also in different time periods! I can’t explain it because I am no theologian or scholar. I am just here to pose the challenge of this miraculous literature. It is still circulated. If you look at it from a secular perspective you cannot deny the impact it has. If you add in a little of Christian experience, you clearly see that it is a book of miracles and had a sort of divinity about it. For myself, it has not steered me wrong. In all the social psychology concepts that society seems to accept, like love your neighbor and all that. It seems that the bible has been telling us that all along.
            I just wanted to pose the question once again, is it just one huge lie or is there something more to it? It is definitely the most impacting work that has hit our world, and it still makes a difference today. It helps the individual but it also has the potential to lead society; however, do not get me mistaken. If you follow this book without realizing the real author, you are just following a concept that is impossible on your own power. Now that is even more food for thought.