Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dang Son, Put on Some Deodorant!!! You Be Rank!

"For we are the aroma of Christ to God among those who are saved being saved and among those who are perishing." - 2nd Corinthians 2:15 

This verse is awesome; and even better, for those who don’t enjoy reading long spiels, this one is really short. It is just a simple challenge to my fellow Christians out there. What aroma are you giving off? Is it really the pleasant aroma that Jesus gives or is it the one that is truly rank and rotten? Sometimes we get lost in judgment, exclusion, anger, etc., that we tend to forget about really represent Christ to the people around us. These people include family members, friends at school, co-workers, bullies, teacher, and so on. When we don’t represent Christ to people we are in danger of doing the complete opposite, repelling others. Take it from me, when I start to sweat or get gassy, people really do not want to hang out with me!

I just wanted to encourage you to check yourself today; to put it in another phrase, take a big whiff of how you are living. If you are one of those who is stankin then grab some Jesus spray and represent like you should.

Peace out homies!