Monday, January 28, 2013

Scratching the Surface

I found something cool tonight while I read my Bible. If you notice, there are many instances where there are numerous gaps. It is found in the history and even in the teachings and thoughts of certain individuals. For instance, the Gospels do not give a detailed account of Jesus’ life. Yes they have stories about him, but they don’t discuss ever single healing nor every single place he visited. He spoke to multitudes of people at a time and we don’t know about most of these people.
            The Bible tends to only scratch the surface in many instances, not just in history but even the qualities of God. It leaves these stories open for us to discover and realize. God wants you to discover him, and learn about the things that he loves. One of those things, are the events that happen in this world. He wants you to know and see what he sees. Not only this, he also wants you to take an interest in his message he has for you. There are secret things that on certain day’s only you would see. You and I can read the same verse, but we can be impacted in completely different ways. It’s amazing how God can do that; how it is almost written into our very DNA, where we get impacted differently by certain things.
            I challenge you today to pick up your Bible and read it. Let your mind and heart wander through each text and verse. Think and meditate on what your reading, and I am telling you, that God can take the most boring scriptures (to me it’s the genealogies lol), and reveal something to you.