Friday, January 25, 2013

God Is Straight Up Laughing!

“He who sits in heaven laughs;
The Lord holds them in derision.” –Psalm 2:4

Life can really suck sometimes. I mean it can be riddled with a multitude of issues. Bills might not be getting paid, ends may not be getting met, and people are dying, while some are sick or just straight up starving. In a world with a plethora of problems this verse is an immense comfort. “He who sits in heaven laughs…” in this Psalm it is talking about a massive problem with people rebelling against God. It’s a crazy thought to just picture God sitting in heaven just laughing at this problem. It’s not that he doesn’t care; it’s that in his eyes, it’s really no big deal. In comparison to his power and majesty, the problems on this little spec in the infinitely vast universe, is dismal.
Imagine the laughter God has when the problems in your life are put on the table. It must be hysterical. However, there is an interesting dialectic about to happen. Your problems and those of the World might be small, but God, in his infinite power and might, cares about them. God cares about you, he cares about those that are starving, and he cares about your needs. In Mathew, Jesus states that God cares for the sparrows, yet how much more are you worth to him. God’s energy and passion are placed in you and what happens around you. When you put these little issues at his feet, he takes them up in his huge hands and deals with them.
The point of this little spiel is that God cares about you. The issues in your life is so dismal that it might bring a little chuckle out of the ‘big guy in the sky’, but that is to just show you that he can take anything you throw at him. Nothing is too big, or too small for him to deal with. It could be an issue in the world (poverty, war, etc.) or it can be something in your life (pain, drama, sorrow). Regardless, God still wants to hear about it.
There is something important to state though. There is only one requirement for God to start doing something. God is not Santa Clause who will fulfill your wish list or a genie who will fix every problem. God’s effort is not something that is free of charge. Yes I said it! It’s not FREE! The thing that he wants is you. He just wants you and your heart. He wants this relationship with you and he wants to interact with you. If there is a requirement that would probably be the only thing. I am not theologian, so I can’t prove to you on some intellectual level. I just know God loves you and I know that he wants you to love him as well. I hope this has encouraged you today.

Peace out peeps! Sorry for the long reading. If you got through it then thanks for reading.

“If you abide in me, and my words abide in you,  ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.    By this my Father is glorified, that you  bear much fruit and so prove to be my disciples.” John 15:7-8