Saturday, August 25, 2012

God Can't Love Me

Romans 5:9-11

I have heard this phrase "God can't love me." way to many times. Many youth say it as well as adults. For some reason they believe that they are to far 'gone' for God to love them. They have sinned to much or have done way to much wrong. I mean, they know what's in their heart and the corruption within; consequently, with justification, they believe God and his love is not an option for them. Its time for me to be blunt on this, this is a complete lie.

God loves you so much, but instead of just saying that, I can prove it to you logically. Everyone (though few as it may be) who reads this, knows that Jesus came and died on this earth for us. This gives us the opportunity and ability to connect with God on a personal level. This sacrifice was made to give us a clean slate. Thus, all of our wrongs and mishaps have been wiped clean. Jesus did this when we were at our worst. He died for us when we could of cared less about him. He died for us while we were rebellious in our heart and doing whatever our flesh desired. He died for us at OUR WORST. Jesus knows how bad you are and that darkness that lies within. He knew it all along and he is beckoning you to come and embrace him and his love forever.

We as Christians are considered his adopted children (Gal 4:5-6). Adopted parents love their children just  like their own. They accept their flaws and work with them through their problems. My challenge to you today is stop going around sulking and complaining about how your not good enough or how you can't be loved. It is time for you to embrace this gift that was put in front of you.

Its time for you to recognize your son ship.