Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Having a Godly Brain?

“Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.”- Colossians 3:2

            I just want to challenge you today to really live this verse out. There are a lot of things that might be plaguing your mind. You might be thinking about work, school, games, TV. shows, family strife, etc. I challenge you to just take a minute and just forget about all that. Take a minute right now and just set your mind on things above this world. Set it on God, Jesus, his sacrifice, scripture, or whatever. Adopt this mindset today.
If you do this, I guarantee that your day will be filled with more joy and less stress. You will be more compassionate and loving to your neighbor. You will not become angry so quickly. In other words, you will really be a shining light. This challenge is extremely tough because as soon as you stop reading this little spiel of mine, your day will continue with the numerous challenges you have.  Your thoughts, worries, ambitions, and desires will be battering the gates of your mind and heart like a conquering army. This might be the hardest challenge that I have yet to give. Lol, why is it that the small verses in the bible seem to be the hardest to accomplish. Oh well, Good luck!