Saturday, October 1, 2011

Exploring God’s Joy’s

“and find out what pleases the LORD.” Ephesians 5:10

            Have you ever been in love? Well if you haven’t, you might not understand this (I’m still new at this). When you’re in love (especially in the beginning), you try to do whatever makes that person happy; It could be taking them out to certain restaurants or giving up your favorite genre of movies for theirs. In my case, it was action movies for sappy romantics. When you truly love someone, you try to get to know them so well in order to make them happy. You tend to want to please them and be the joy of their life.
            In this verse, Paul challenges us to do the same thing. The summery of this chapter is about avoiding immorality: lust, pride, greed, etc. He contended that instead of doing these things, you should find out what pleases the LORD. In verse 17 he again states: “Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is.”
To explore the will of God, is actually a really fun and exciting adventure. We all have a unique will for our lives. You have talents that can please God so much. You might be able to paint; I can’t do that if my life depended on it. You might be able to build or fix things, and even that can please God.  How I please God in my life, and this might sound strange, is studying for class. I study different religions, and God loves to see me challenged by new perspectives and grow spiritually.
So how do you find out what pleases God? There are actually 3 easy ways. The most obvious way is look in scripture. There are numerous verses about what God likes to see his children do. He wants us to feed the hungry, love our family, help our neighbors, worship him in our daily lives, etc. The second way is to do whatever you love, whether fishing, playing music, studying, dancing, etc, for him. In other words, dedicate it to the God that loves you. The third way is to just seek him out in prayer. Trust me, he will show you what you can do to please him. You will know this because when you truly please God, he will reveal his love to you. It might be a sensation in your soul, or it might be a physical manifestation in some way. Regardless of the avenue, he will let you know.
My question to you today is: Do you accept the challenge of Paul? Will you go on this journey with me and discover what makes our Creator joyful?