Monday, June 24, 2013

Hmmmmm I Wonder What it Would look like

This will be a short post, but I still wanted to share my thought that I had today. I have been reading Exodus, and in that book, God does some crazy things. He makes bread come down from heaven, there is a pillar of fire leading his people at night, he made a sea split in two, etc. It is not only in Exodus but throughout the whole Bible that we read this; however, in this book there is a verse in chapter 15 that states that if we follow God’s commands he will bless us.
  So I began to wonder, what would happen in my life if I follow God with my all? What would happen if I follow the examples and teaching of Jesus? Where would God bring me? What would he do in my life? Would crazy miracles happen like it did for so many in scripture, or would it be a more subtle thing? I just wanted to challenge you to think about what God can do, or even think about the things that you have heard about him doing. Is that something you would want to experience? For the everday Christian (like me) who doesn’t necessarily give their all (or very little) to God, think about the cool things that he might do in your life if you decide to seek him and give your all. Anyway peeps, that’s all I was wondering.
Peace out Playas