Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Giving a lot up then grabbing what appeals

Letting go of security

King Amaziah is an interesting charater in the Bible. He was one of the kings of Judah after Israel split in a Northern Kingdom and Southern Kingdom. Amaziah was a person who dedicated his life and kingship to doing things God's way. There are many lessons that stick out with his life but there are two that I want to mention (ill post the other one later tonight).

The first crazy thing is Amaziah did something not many people do today. He was about to wage war on a foreign kingdom; however, to be more assured of the victory he hired soldiers from the Northern Kingdom (Israel). He spent tons of money hiring 100,000 soldiers, but after he bought them and before the battle, a prophet of God told him to send all these troops home and rely on God to do the work. Remember, Amaziah already paid a fortune for these soldiers; however, he obeyed and place faith that God would lead his army to this battle. He sent all those troops home and then he destroyed the enemy. The question I have for you today is would you be willing to give up something that you invested in and took great pride in. For Amaziah, he found security in expanding his military, yet he let that go to put his trust in God instead. Could you give up your car (if you have one), your savings, home, job, or even plans to trust in God? It's interesting to see that in many cases we just make excuses not to; however, in this passage.

So what is it in your life taht God might be challenging you to let go in order to put more trust in him? I challenge you today to examine what's in your life and open up your heart to the potential request that God has been making all along in your life. 

This is something that I personal have to do in my life

Peace out homies

Today's reading is found in 2nd Chronicles 25