Friday, June 17, 2011

Dedication without Understanding

Then Thomas said to the rest of the disciples, “Let us also go, that we may die with him.” –John 11:16

            We all have doubts and don’t understand the ways of God. Some people say that they will not follow God because they just don’t get “it”. They don’t understand qualities about him or certain concepts like the trinity. Some might say that they don’t believe in miracles and so forth. This is one reason why I really enjoy reading about Thomas. In this chapter, Jesus was saying that he was going to raise some guy from the dead. It had been over 4 days since this guy died. The disciples did not understand what he was talking about. Jesus’ words went right over their heads. They just kept nagging Jesus saying that people were going to kill him and he was in danger. Then my man Thomas steps up and says something like “You know what, let us also go with him that we may die alongside him.” Later on in the bible Thomas doubted that Jesus would be raised from the dead. All throughout the gospels he had these doubts. History calls this man Doubting Thomas, yet he is the one who was willing to die for Jesus.
            It is just mind blowing that Thomas was willing to go that far for someone he did not understand. This is an awesome example of faith. In the world of college, students want to know everything there is to know about everything. Many claim that they will not follow something that they can’t rap their minds around. However, Thomas had no problem. I am not exempt from having doubts; however, I want the faith and dedication that Thomas had. He did not understand Jesus, but he was willing to die for him. Christian tradition says that Thomas brought the good news of Jesus to India and was mutilated for it. This guy died a martyrs death. Do you have that much dedication? I challenge you, even though you may have doubts, continue to follow Jesus. We will never be able to understand God; he is mysterious and his ways are not ours. Being a Christian is a process of stretching on every level of existence: mental, spiritual, emotional, and even physical. Don’t just drop it because you have a lingering doubt.
            If you are one that this devo does not apply to, go out and practice loving someone then =) .