Thursday, December 2, 2010


The Book of Habakkuk

                Habakkuk is such a funny sounding name. This guy was another prophet of the OT. He told God that his nation was lawless and needed punishment. Criminals were ravaging the righteous and lawlessness was rampant. He wanted God to intervene. When God told him how he would send a Heathen army, Habakkuk said it was unfair. The rest of the book, which is only three chapters, is a dialogue between them.
                I wanted to encourage you with something this morning. Habakkuk was on fire for God. He was seeking him out fully. Something that he did was that he remembered what God has done. We Christians tend to forget; that was also Israel’s problem. Israel and Judah kept forgetting what God originally has done. Today, I challenge you to think back and look at what God has done in your life. Set up mental markers. These sign posts will help in times of trouble. Something that always helps me is really trying to remember if God has ever let me down. I know everything else in this world has, but has God? My honest answer is no. God has never let me down. When I doubt, or struggle with life, I remember that. God has always been faithful. The only moments when I feel alone is when I do the self-isolation; consequently, remembering God’s faithfulness really helps me to go through life. Once again, look at your life and see what God has done in it. Hold on to those moments and don’t forget. If you become forgetful, it can lead to a lot of pain and regret; vice versa, remembering can lead to a stronger relationship with God and even deliverance from a situation.