Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Living by Grace and Mercy

Amos 1-4

                Reading these chapters in Amos is a pretty scary thing. May people don’t realize this side of God. In these chapters, God talks how he is going to destroy the wicked and save the poor. He talks about destroying countless nations. You see the wrath and justice of God.
It makes me realize that we live by something we take for granted every day. We live by something called grace. Grace is getting something that we do not deserve. If you look at the sins of Israel, we commit many of those acts. Ezekiel says that the real reason Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed was because they mistreated the poor. Today we do the same. In today’s society, rape, abuse, drugs, individuality, prostitution, idol worship, etc. run rampant; however, God allows us to still exist and even thrive. This Grace runs so deep and this brings up my next point.
These chapters make me realize just how big the sacrifice of Jesus really is. If the God of the Old Testament is the same one from the New then we should truly be on God’s naughty list, but we are not. The blood of Jesus really covers us. It gives man more time to realize who God is and what he has for us. It allows for people like you and me to come to God and really gives us a chance to live life.
All I know is that we really do live by grace. The sin that you commit or the ignorance you are allowed to keep is only there because God is allowing it only for a time. It is true on the other side of the spectrum. The relationship with Jesus is only allowed because of Gods’ grace. He wanted us to get out of our mess. That is why we are getting something we do not deserve. He loves you so much and is giving you this grace. I encourage you to take it and if you already have it then be thankful for it.